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Welcome to AZ Grind Indoor Skatepark’s website.

Here you will find information about the premier indoor skatepark facility in Mesa, Arizona.  Be sure to check our “Events” page for upcoming events and Holiday Hours.

Summer Hours End 8/4/21

The Grind Shop is now in AZ Grind

Store hours will follow the skatepark hours.



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AZ Grind Skate Lessons

We offer both monthly lessons and private lessons.  Our core value when it comes to lessons is student to teacher ratio, just like you would if you were looking at schools.  We only allow 4 students per instructor and we group students based on what level they are at so they are with “like” students.  Make ups are only given if we get notice that they aren’t going to be there that week.

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AZ Grind

Events & Parties

December 10th Madd Gear Christmas Party
December 11th AZ Grind Frosty Jam Scooter Comp
December 18th Free ride day sponsored by Hang5Gear, Madd gear lucky pro scooters , Chile scooters, fusion scooters, AO scooters, oath/ triad scooters


Monday 3-8pm

Tuesday 3-8pm

Wednesday 3-8pm

Friday 12-9pm



3pm-6pm Scooters and Skate

6pm-9pm BMX

Sat and Sun


12pm-9pm Scooters and Skate


12pm-6pm Scooters and Skate

6pm-9pm BMX